Distillerie de Mélanie - anciennement MaucourtSilver Medal Concours Général Agricole Paris 2014

The signature of the craft quality
Grower Distiller
AOC Mirabelle de Lorraine

--- La Mirabelle de Lorraine AOC, produit phare de notre belle région ---

Distillerie de Mélanie: The mark of quality and traditional fabrication

Producer of fruits on the banks of the river Moselle at Marieulles - Vezon, we are specialists in the field of eau-de-vie de Mirabelle de Lorraine.
We also produce eau-de-vie de Reine Claude [Greengage brandy], eau-de-vie de Quetsche [Plum brandy], eau-de-vie de Poire Williams [Williams Pear brandy], and eau-de-vie de pomme [Apple brandy].

Our occupation is centered upon three essential activities:

The production of Fruits:

We farm twelve hectares of Mirabelle plum trees, and the highlight of the year is the harvesting of the fruits. Although this operation is largely automated, the Mirabelle plums are carefully sorted by hand in order to choose the absolute best which are then put in the vats for fermentation.


This takes place in the winter in Charentais Alembic stills, producing a double distillation not only respecting tradition but also adhering to strict regulations. A long and rigorous distillation enables us to obtain an eau-de-vie of great quality.

Sale and marketing:

Our eaux-de-vie de mirabelle are subject to tasting by a committee in order to obtain the Appellation d’Origine Réglementée Mirabelle de Lorraine [Regulation of Designation of Origin]. They are then stocked in our cellars for a period of refinement and aging. Once ready, we finally proceed to stage of the sale and marketing of these products, which we undertake ourselves.

History of the distillery

  • 1920
    Louis Maucourt produces and distills Mirabelle plums, and begins the sale of his eau-de-vie.
  • 1950
    Gabriel Maucourt, son of Louis, plants new orchards and creates the brand ‘Maucourt.’.
  • 1978
    Pierre Maucourt, son of Gabriel, joins the family business and develops the distillation and marketing of the product.
  • 2002
    Pierre Maucourt asks Mélanie Bigeard to assist him in the running of the distillery.
  • 2009
    Mélanie Bigeard-Demange purchases the company from Pierre Maucourt.

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